A Few Things You Need To know About Manual Traffic Exchanges

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Are you using traffic exchanges to increase you website traffic? Are you getting results with them?Probably your answer is no. If that´s the case you should wonder why. What am I doing wrong? Traffic exchanges can be very effective if you use them properly.I´ve been using traffic exchanges’ for some time and I’m getting some results. Most times the problem isn´t in traffic exchanges but in the way you use them.

There are some basic principles for succeeding with TE´s. First of all I recommend you to build your downline. No matter how much time you spend surfing for credits on a TE, to maximize your results you´ll need other people generating passive traffic for you. For example in my case i use 5 traffic exchanges, which means I can promote a lot of pages at a time, so I use at least one page to promote another traffic exchange in each traffic exchange this way I promote whatever i’m promoting and build my traffic exchanges downline at the same time. Another effective way to get referrals is using downline builders and traffic exchange tools, which make it easier to manage all your traffic exchanges. Now let´s move on to my next recommendation.

  Use splash pages instead of trying to promote your sales page directly.Why? Just think about it for a moment. Imagine you are surfing your favorite traffic exchange and suddenly a site with about 5 to 10 pages of an unending bla, bla, bla, is displayed. Would you take the time to stop reading the whole thing even knowing your losing valuable credits? I personally would not. Splash pages where designed to be used in traffic exchanges because: Splash pages are loaded way faster than a whole website, this way you don’t have to worry about your prospects leaving before your site has been displayed on the browser. Splash pages are usually strategically designed to capture the “surfer’s” attention, this pages must be colorful, with subtle headlines, short descriptions about your products benefits ( remember to focus your advertisement on your products benefits, not on the product itself ) and finally an invitation to take an action ( you know that “CLICK HERE” or “YES, TELL ME” you usually see on this pages )
  Splash pages will work well for you if you for example want to anonymously promote affiliate programs, or just building a downline at some program. Most affiliate programs provide you with their own hosted splash pages so the only thing you´ll have to do is promoting the link provided to you. But; what if you´re trying to build your own business?

  Then you´ll need more than just sending your prospects to the product’s owner website and receiving a commission for your sale, you´ll need to turn that prospect into a costumer, someone that will continue to receive your services even after the initial sale has been made, you´ll need an opt-in list. That´s right, a whole mailing list with people waiting to receive whatever you have to offer them. But we´ll talk about that later, for now let me tell you a way to turn your traffic exchange into a list building site.

  Simply use squeeze pages, a squeeze page is basically the same as a splash page, except that for squeeze pages you´ll need to input an autoresponder form so you can collect your subscriber’s email addresses. As I said before splash pages were more likely to try to make a sale, but; how should a squeeze page be conformed? Remember you aren´t selling anything here, you are offering an uninterested service. Offering free stuff like a free report or that kind of things is the key here, make sure you´re offering good quality items, getting someone to fill in the blanks with a free gift may be easy, but getting them to trust you enough to stay with you is a different thing. Remember that your squeeze pages must have your own autoresponder form, otherwise you´ll be building someone else’s list not yours. Well that´s enough about all this email marketing stuff for now.

  Another thing you most have in mind is to make full use of all the advertising tools each traffic exchange gives you. Don’t limit yourself to surf for credits, use banners and text links if available. Even though you might think it´s useless all traffic sources are important. At last another option you should seriously consider is upgrading your membership. Obviously upgraded members obtain more benefits; which means more traffic, more commissions for your referrals (if your TE offers referrals commissions) and less time to spend surfing for traffic. But don’t hesitate, even if you can´t afford an upgraded membership at the moment, the free option will be fine, if you work wisely, but it´ll be a little slower that’s all.

  Fine I think that’s all I can tell you about it at the moment. I hope this information helps you to succeed. I´m just an average guy trying to make some bucks online, and as for my experience till now; I can tell you there’s no such thing as get rich fast program, but; it´s absolutely possible to earn some money online with the right tools, guidance and hard work.

  I´ll list below the links to the TE´s and programs i’m using which has given me good results. I make this recommendation based on my own experience, feel free to explore them as an option but remember you can get results with any program if you work properly.

Good luck:
      Alexis Solano

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