Make Money Online Viewing Ads

An easy way to make money online is trough Paid To Click Programs. All you will need Is a PC and an internet connection to start working.

In these programs advertisers pay to the program owner to show their ads to members and members get paid to view these ads.

Advantages of paid to click programs.

  • You don't need to have a website to profit with these programs 
  • You don't need to be an internet marketing expert to earn money
  • Free to join
The main advantage of  PTC programs is that you don't need a website or marketing skills to start making money all you need to do is click on the links that are shown to you and view the sites for about 30 seconds in most cases. Also you won't have to pay any membership fee to participate, but, upgraded members will always get more benefits and such as more ads available to click and better affiliate earnings.


  • Slow income rate
  • Most times you need to be an upgraded member to get real results

The main disadvantage is that the income rate is slow in most cases. you will be paid about an average of  $00.1 per ad view, wich means you'll have to view 100 ads per dollar earned, so the trick here is having a downline. Also most ads are showed only to upgraded members, free members most times will only be shown a few ads per day making it too hard to reach the pay out limit. This is because website owners preffer their ads to be shown to people who can make an online purchase, however the upgading fee is low in most cases. Let's take for example Clixsense wich upgrading fee is just $10 a year, less than one buck per month.   

I woldn't call this programs as a home based bussiness,  this programs might work for you if you're looking for an extra income as you won't need to have your own website or be an expert on internet marketing.If you want to stablish your home based bussiness you'll have to look for affiliate marketing or build your own website and your own product.

If you think this is good for you and want to give it a try i will recomend you this site:
These is one of the most trusted Paid to click programs and has been in this industry for several years.

If you use this programs plese leave your comments. If you have have questions post your comment or contact me.